Education Management Boot Camp

Which Test Won…How to Use a Culture of Innovation to Create Consistent, Free, High Converting Leads

August 3rd

In this session, Gregg will show two competing ads and the group will debate which is the better ad. After the big reveal, based on actual results, some folks will celebrate while some will hang their head in shame. We’ll go through several examples… Think EDU Marketing meets a Game Show.

How to Create a Culture of Innovation Within Your Admissions Process

August 4th

Gregg will share simple hacks to increase revenue while protecting the emotional health of your Admissions Reps:

  • The Hero Exercise
  • Connecting with your Greatness Exercise
  • How to create a simple personal marketing matrix
  • A simple way to turn subject lines of emails into juicy enticements
  • How to hyper target by using personas and journey maps (a high level overview)

3rd CSPEN Regional Annual Conference

We are looking forward to presenting and exhibiting at the 3rd CSPEN Regional Annual Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota this August.

Workshop: Time to Update the Admissions Playbook

On August 16th, Tom King and Scott Spitolnick will be leading an intensive three-hour workshop for Admissions Managers and owners with an interest in lead conversion. This Admissions Management Boot Camp will organizers share emerging best practices in managing your teams, training, meeting numbers, and ensuring reps are happy and motivated while pursuing best practice.

Stop advertising by accident with Scientific Advertising

A note from our Co-founder I’m sure you’ve been exposed to a number of Marketing books over the years. A couple of excellent books come to mind such as ‘Positioning: […]

Tip for Admissions Reps!

Worried about losing your job? Consider reframing and moving to Career Services or develop a dual role. Not making placement numbers is what will hurt schools the most going forward. Career Services/Job Placement is a key role in keeping Schools afloat and thriving.

Consider positioning yourself in front of that trend.


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