9 Ways to Immediately Increase Lead Flow During the Pandemic

Increasing Lead Flow

We’d all like to quickly and dramatically convert lead flow in our interesting times

Gregg Meiklejohn, CEO of Enrollment Resources will share some ideas on how schools can increase their lead flow, even during this next COVID wave.

We are all trying to convince Explorers, who may be pulling back on their spending out of fear, to make a big decision about their futures. As leaders, we need to be able to show them how this is a time where they need to be learning, improving, and expanding.

We know it’s a hard sell, and together we can find ways to show them how they are, in fact, in a great position to recover and upgrade their skills.

What are your solutions to mitigate this hesitation?

Come with your challenges and solutions, let’s see what actions we can take now.

Takeaways include:

  • Real-world results. What did the last six months look like for schools?
  • What we think will work for the next six months – and what to avoid.
  • Looking ahead. Positioning for the next wave of COVID
  • Tips and ideas. Enough to save or lift revenues a combined 20% right after you leave the webinar.

3rd CSPEN Regional Annual Conference

We are looking forward to presenting and exhibiting at the 3rd CSPEN Regional Annual Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota this August.

Workshop: Time to Update the Admissions Playbook

On August 16th, Tom King and Scott Spitolnick will be leading an intensive three-hour workshop for Admissions Managers and owners with an interest in lead conversion. This Admissions Management Boot Camp will organizers share emerging best practices in managing your teams, training, meeting numbers, and ensuring reps are happy and motivated while pursuing best practice.

Stop advertising by accident with Scientific Advertising

A note from our Co-founder I’m sure you’ve been exposed to a number of Marketing books over the years. A couple of excellent books come to mind such as ‘Positioning: […]

Enrollment Management Minute: Improving Revenues

At Enrollment Resources, we’ve found schools often try to improve their revenues by doing the following three tactics, all of which are strategically counterproductive:

  1. Adding program offerings, even if they are marginal in terms of viability
  2. Hiring more recruiters
  3. Searching for more pools of traffic that can be potentially converted into something

Tiny tweaks can make a big difference

Most schools can improve revenues in the 20-30% range without incurring costs by identifying the intersection points within their enrollment management process and making minor process-improvement tweaks.

Reference Book: The Goal. Reference material: Enrollment Resources blog.

Oh my gosh, it’s right under my nose

From the Desk of Tom King, Cleveland, Ohio  increasing enrollments.

I can remember clearly the day, eight years ago, I first learned how I could increase our school’s revenue 30-40% without spending to any additional money to do so.

When I first met the folks at Enrollment Resources and listened to their 30-40% revenue increase claims, I rolled my eyes and thought, “here we go with yet another too-good-to-be-true pitch.” At the time, I’d been struggling to find ways to improve our revenue and, of course, increasing our marketing budget was not an option.

How could some laid back guys from Canada help me out?

First, they had the ‘guts’ to guarantee the results

During that first meeting I spoke with Enrollment Resources co-founder Shane Sparks. I remember him saying: “Look Tom, there are promises or proof. Here’s our promise: When we are finished working with you after a few weeks, if we can’t find you 20x our fee in increased revenue OR you just simply feel you didn’t get enough value, I want you to adjust the invoice to whatever you deem to be fair…even $0.”

That got my attention. Guys who make lofty claims and back them up are rare, especially in Career Ed.

A History Lesson Put Things in Context, now the Guarantee Made Sense

Shane then gave some context to his bold claim, insisting on giving me a short history lesson about a guy named Edward Deming. I’m paraphrasing, but here’s a summary:

After the Allies won the Second World War, they shrewdly created something called the Marshall Plan, where they set about to reconstruct the economies of both Germany and Italy.

A year later the Allies defeated Japan and then set about to help them reconstruct their economy. They decided to ship over to Japan a controversial American Economist, Edward Deming to help with Japan’s reconstruction. Deming had developed a new economic theory called Choke Point Theory. He stated that any process could only move as quickly as the weakest part of the process, the weakest link. His view was if there was a choke point, most of the resources invested downstream of the weak link were flushed. Open the weakest part of any process and magically everything works a lot better!

The Japanese Industrialists, battered from the war, were all ears and enthusiastically followed his economic laws. They also embraced another father of the Quality movement, Joseph Moses Juran, who shared his ‘Law of the Precious Few’ which was all about focusing on powerful leverage activities while putting no effort into useless activity. To make a long story short, Deming and Juran’s disciples such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony to name a few, created the world’s second largest economy. Not bad.

You want to be like Toyota, Tom?

OK, now I was intrigued…

Shane went on to explain: “Tom, what my partner Gregg and I did was take Deming and Juran’s core ideas and applied them to Career Education, specifically Enrollment Management. We can do for you what Deming did for Toyota. Do you want to be like Toyota, Tom?”

I came to understand how a management system borne of Japanese manufacturing sector could be used so effectively in my Marketing and Admission departments here in Cleveland. We went through what he called an “Enrollment Management Scorecard” where we broke down every tactic and task in our Enrollment Management process and compared my school’s performance to North American Best Practices. While many of the things we identified I was aware of, I also remember there were opportunities isolated for me that “I didn’t know I didn’t know.” It was an amazing exercise in clarity.

I stayed with the principles taught to me eight years ago by Enrollment Resources and am pleased to say over 8 years, I increased the enrollment of my school by over 650% while keeping within my budgets. It was a great ride!

Now I have an exciting new challenge. I get to share the Scorecard with you. I am now part of Enrollment Resources, leading schools like yours through their proprietary Scorecard process.

Let’s Take a Test Drive

Full Disclosure: one reason for our excellent guarantee is when we start the Scorecard process, we are not 100% sure we can help you. There are just too many external variables we are not aware of when we start. So, here is what’s fair. I’ll take you through the first one or two Scorecard sessions, no strings attached. It will become evident very quickly if we can help you.

What I promise you is this; even if we can’t help, you ‘will’ take away three or four free actionable items that you can easily implement yourself without any outside help. That’s your downside. I want to make this ‘performance improvement test drive’ a valuable experience for you, as your time is valuable.

The next step

Contact me to set up some time for us to talk and let’s see if I can help you increase your enrollment 30-40% without you having to buy advertising, hire additional staff, or increase your budget… Email [email protected] or call 216-577-8296

[Podcast ] Seven Low Cost Tips To Increase Your Next Intake

Did you meet your January targets? How are you planning on meeting them?

Adding in those last few students to an intake can turn underwhelming intake numbers into full enrollment.

In this short, yet packed webinar, Enrollment Resources co-founders Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks shared seven simple process improvements you can implement immediately at little or no cost. Terry Zaleski of also said a few words explaining Why State Associations are Important to the Success of Your School.

Check out our Podcast #30 “Seven Low Cost Tips To Increase Your Next Intake” to learn helpful education marketing strategies. With 1 click you’ll have access to over 30 podcasts featuring industry insiders espousing their wisdom to you – for free!

Listen to the Podcast Now!

What I Learned About NOT Playing Professional Hockey

I was asked to give a process improvement talk at a conference. When I give these talks, I usually give the person doing the introducing a pre written introduction. I’d learned that a good intro sets up a great talk, engages participants, etc. This time I forgot to do my intro. As per standard conference protocol, this chap, whom I know casually, got up and said, “This is Gregg Meiklejohn, he’s Canadian and he used to play Pro Hockey. Ladies and Gentlemen, Gregg Meiklejohn!”

My mind is whirring; “What the heck did that guy just say?!?? I’ve never played a day of pro hockey in my life!” He’s smirking as he’s walking away. I have no choice but to roll with it. I try and jump into the fray to deliver a good process improvement talk, but the intro rattled my chains. I gave a self-admitted mediocre talk to tepid applause. The first question at the end was “How does pro hockey have anything to do with Admissions and Marketing in EDU?” And it got worse… After the talk a friend came up and said, “Dude, that was an underwhelming talk…by the way, where’d you play hockey?” Read more


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