The Anatomy Of A Rockstar DOA

The role of an Admissions Director is not to grow sales, but to grow their people! Join us Friday, November 16th at 11am PST / 2pm EST to take a deep dive inside the Director of Admissions role — and find out exactly what it takes to be a Rockstar DOA.

Gregg Meiklejohn, Tom King and Scott Spitolnick of Enrollment Resources, along with Bill Clary, CEO of Elite Consultants Inc., will discuss the 10 essential things every DOA needs to successfully build a dynamic Admissions team while also driving revenue and team development.

  • You’ll learn actionable takeaways about:
    What KPIs are the most important to measure, understand and track — and why
  • How you can use reports to track your team’s KPIs and how that should influence your coaching plans
  • How and why you should use a Starts planning and adjustment tool
  • Why you should use scripts, how to test and improve on them, and how you can ensure they’re always used by your team
  • How to be an effective coach to members of your team

At the end of the call, you not only know what it takes to be a Rockstar DOA, but you’ll also know what steps you need to take to become one yourself!

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