Podcast #27: Should Your School Become a B Corp?

We have all read the reams of bad press about proprietary schools. If you are a school leader in this area, you know most of it is off-base or just plain incorrect.

One way to instantly prove to the world that your proprietary school is ethical and community-minded is to become B Corp Certified. B Corporations are certified that they treat their employees well and are net benefactors for the community and environment; otherwise known as a Triple Bottom Line Organization.

Becoming B Corp Certified helps businesses to stand-out, to differentiate themselves as organizations with high social and environmental performance. In this podcast, Gregg Meiklejohn interview Dan Osusky, special envoy with B Lab; the for-profit EDU administrator of the B Corp Certification.

Fun Fact: Enrollment Resources Inc. was the first marketing company in North America to be Certified as a B Corp.