Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back

Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back from Enrollment Resources

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With the howl and cry about impending regulations, past hurts, and overwhelming burdens set upon proprietary schools, I say enough is enough; it’s time to prepare. Title IV funding could end, the well could run dry, and it could be abrupt. It is prudent for proprietary schools to plan for Title IV to diminish or expect to get hammered in some fashion in the next two to three years. In my view, schools should explore alternatives to Title IV funding-trough before it is too late.

There are ways to get the regulators off your back by securing alternative funding pools. But, there is another strategy that can decrease your school’s need to secure alternate funding sources (such as you local Savings and Loan).

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Why This Simple Sales KPI Is The Most Important

How A Single Simple Sales KPI Doubled Revenues

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I’ve spent many many hours trying to figure out how to manage the performance of our B to B sales team. Eventually, after I put my pride and pig-headed nature aside, I landed on some insights and a big sales KPI breakthrough that have helped significantly in terms of revenue at our company.

Insight #1

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