How to Write Compliant Copy That Converts

How to Write Compliant Copy That Converts from Enrollment Resources

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The typical approach for EDU digital marketing is centered around building an empirical argument to pursue training. Most marketers (us included) build arguments that rely on factual claims like placement rate, completion rate and graduate salaries to provide proof of the school’s value, followed by a call to action to fill out a form in return for more information about the school. This model is focused on sharpening that argument with hard data.

It’s not a bad approach and most schools do have stats to be proud of, but it does ride a compliance edge. If the data isn’t spectacular (i.e., completion rate or placement rate isn’t solid) or, more likely, claims rely on data that isn’t current, compliance problems arise. It’s easy for a school to overstate performance metrics mistakenly, and easier still for a landing page or website copy that was written months or years ago to get overlooked when new stats emerge.

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Webinar: How to write Compliant Copy That Converts

On December 19th at 11 am PST/2 pm EST, Jennifer Flood of National Compliance Group is joining the experts from Enrollment Resources for the final webinar of 2018!

Register today to learn how to write website and landing page copy that converts visitors to leads while meeting the compliance requirements for your schools’ regulators.

Enrollment Resources Partners with Compliance Powerhouse NCG


Jennifer Flood, compliance expert and CEO of National Compliance Group

Jennifer Flood, J.D., CEO National Compliance Group

Enrollment Resources has chosen National Compliance Group (NCG) as its premier compliance partner for higher education marketing. Since 2003, Enrollment Resources has focused on admissions performance and digital marketing services for the education industry

“We have always considered NCG the gold standard for compliance in education and we are very fortunate to have their expertise available for our clients,” says Shane Sparks, COO of Enrollment Resources.

At the head of National Compliance Group is CEO Jennifer Flood, a nationally recognized compliance resource for private and career education providers.  Read more

The first major innovation in admissions – Details and Demo. Thursday, June 30th

Quick Read:

  • Guarantee a best-practice, compliant, interview every time
  • Add 3 extra enrollments per month/per rep
  • 41% lift in interview to enrollment
  • Short demo on game-changing software with Q&A
  • Thursday, June 30th 11am PST

Admissions people go “off book” all the time for lots of reasons. They get bored and start to cut corners, figure they’ve mastered the admissions presentation and feel they no longer need to ask the foundational questions that create a true connection with a prospective student. Some reps think they know better than their managers on what works and, as a result, conversion rates often erode and non-compliant behavior creeps into the interview process.

The Admissions Interview Pathway systematically guides prospects through a best-practice, compliant, interview, every time. The result is an average 41% improvement in interview-to-enrollment rates.

In this demo you will learn:

  • How interview compliance increases enrollments
  • Why a standardized system increases compliance
  • What steps are needed to follow industry best practices
  • Why a standardized system makes the interview a true value-added experience for the prospective student

This will be quite eye-opening. Join Shane Sparks, Co-Founder & COO and Lisa Olmedo, Vice President, Enrollment Strategies this Thursday, June 30th at 11am Pacific Time by clicking here:

Implications of the coming DOE Regulation

As you know, the new federal DOE regulation norms are coming into effect on July 1, 2011. We’ve been working hard to make sense of the them and make sure we are compliant in our work for you.

Through this, three things are coming clear that bear some thought, that I feel compelled to share:

  1. Incentive compensation rule is likely to produce an exodus of quality admissions staff from the industry
  2. Lead flow is likely to contract as a result of the new rules governing misrepresentation
  3. Schools without admissions compliance strategies are at greater risk for Accreditation consequences Read more


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