Are You Choosing To Partner With Losers?

Are You Choosing To Partner With Losers? - From Enrollment Resources

Yesterday I got off the phone with a client. It was a good news call. We’ve cut his cost-per-lead by 43% and increased his lead flow by 106% since Enrollment Resources took over the management of his Google Ads campaign. He was very happy.

But what was interesting to me was the story he told me about how his partner had been reluctant to hire us in the first place, preferring to stay with their previous vendor. It was only after a year of lousy performance that his partner finally agreed, with the caveat that: “You’ll take the blame if this doesn’t work.”

He is looking pretty good now.

I understand that some companies over promise and under deliver to “win” business. We don’t — mostly because Gregg and I don’t like liars. We also know it’s a short-sighted business development strategy, and the truth always comes out anyway.

So, I get that people are cautious about change. I am too. But help me understand something:

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“35% Growth In Enrollments And Millions Saved In Advertising”

"We recently experienced a 35% growth in enrollments in our last start over the same period last year. Lead flow from our website and Google Ad campaigns are at an all-time high and lead quality has dramatically improved." - Shaun Daggett, Director of Marketing at IntelliTec College, speaking about his experience with Enrollment Resources

Would you say this about your current marketing partners? If not, we should talk.

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Your School’s Core Strength

Your School’s Core Strength, By Gregg Meiklejohn, co-founder of Enrollment Resources

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

When training for a sport or physical endeavor, the best personal trainers direct their client’s focus to one key thing — their core strength — to ensure they have a strong and stable base. Before investing effort and time in the legs, arms, and chest, etc., the trainer creates strength, stability, and power in the body’s core first. When the body’s core is strong, the other parts cruise along for the ride.

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Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back

Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back from Enrollment Resources

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With the howl and cry about impending regulations, past hurts, and overwhelming burdens set upon proprietary schools, I say enough is enough; it’s time to prepare. Title IV funding could end, the well could run dry, and it could be abrupt. It is prudent for proprietary schools to plan for Title IV to diminish or expect to get hammered in some fashion in the next two to three years. In my view, schools should explore alternatives to Title IV funding-trough before it is too late.

There are ways to get the regulators off your back by securing alternative funding pools. But, there is another strategy that can decrease your school’s need to secure alternate funding sources (such as you local Savings and Loan).

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[Webinar] The Anatomy Of A Rock Star DOA

The Anatomy Of A Rock Star DOA - A webinar from Enrollment Resources

On Thursday, August 29th, at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST, we will take a deep dive inside the Director of Admissions role to find out exactly what it takes to be a Rock Star DOA.

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[Podcast] How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

Enrollment Management Round Table logo

In this episode, Gregg, Shane and Tom show you how to use Lean Management to grow your school while on a fixed budget.   Read more

[Transcript] How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources TranscriptThis is the full transcript of Podcast #48 “How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management” hosted by Gregg Meiklejohn, Shane Sparks, and Tom King.

Listen to it on demand here.

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Personal Marketing Huddle for ER Clients and Friends

Our next Personal Marketing Huddle for ER Clients and Friends will be held on Thursday, July 16, at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST.

Our conversation will focus on personally-developed leads, or PDLs, including:

  • Why building a Rep’s personal brand is important to your school’s success
  • How to use PDLs to get your team in front of prospective students and cultivate long-term referral sources for your school
  • Cost-free tactics your Reps can use to personally develop leads
  • Any questions or obstacles you have come across

The Personal Marketing Huddle for ER Clients and Friends is a chance to share your personal marketing success stories, have your questions answered, and learn from others. Send questions ahead of time to your ER Rep, and we will make sure to address them on the call.

If you are close to becoming even a small-purchase client, you can access this training series for free. Check your email for the login information or reach out to your ER Rep.