[Podcast] Better Recruiting To Save Your School

With an increasingly strict regulatory environment, evolving consumer expectation and rapidly changing student demographic, it’s no secret that today’s post-secondary education faces challenges. Many school react to declining numbers by throwing money at the problem – i.e. more marketing will mean better recruiting.

Gregg, Shane and Martin challenge that idea, and propose alternative solutions. During the webinar, presenters reveal the statistics-based enrollment techniques used by successful for-profit schools that you can use to improve your admissions efficiency.

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Video: Enrollment Resources and Velocify

Gregg Meiklejohn of Velocify Partner, Enrollment Resources – Insights for Education Market from Velocify on Vimeo.

In less than 13 minutes, Gregg Meiklejohn, one half of the founding partnership that created Enrollment Resources, discusses current happenings in the EDU environment, what Enrollment Resources does and our symbiotic partnership with Velocify.

[Podcast] How Disruptive Technology is Changing the Game in EDU

“How Disruptive Technology is Changing the Game in EDU” An audio recording as presented from our Conference Call
Presented on Jan 9th, 2014 by a panel discussion with industry experts Gregg Meiklejohn (Co-Founder of Enrollment Resources), Brian Haggerty (CEO of iTeachers), Martin Lind (Vertical Education Director of Velocify), Dr. Rita Girondi (President of Training Masters) and Sterling Simpson (Fulfillment Leader, Enrollment Resources). Read more

Release: First EDU Marketing Company with B Corporation Status

Canadian Marketing Company Achieves Recognition of Public Benefit
Enrollment Resources Inc. Awarded Global B Corporation Status

Enrollment Resources Inc. (ER), a Marketing company in Victoria, B.C., has been awarded Global B Corporation Status by B Lab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Enrollment Resources Co-founder and CEO, Gregg Meiklejohn, indicated there was no compelling reason to go through the rigorous certification process except it is the right thing to do. “Anyone can make a profit. The art of business is in making a profit while leaving your surroundings and those around you in better shape along the way. Some business owners complain about excessive taxes, yet are not willing to step up and do their part. B Corporations make a statement about a company’s intention about how it wants to fit in the world.”

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Why we don’t do Lead Aggregation. Ever.

Lead aggregation may be enticing to those in EDU Marketing because it provides you with a list of many possible leads that your team can target. The difficulty with this is that same list may be sitting in front of many other school admissions teams, as many of the lead aggregators sell these lists to multiple parties. You may be starting with a large pool of names, but it’s a shallow pool. Since a prospective student can only enroll in one school, if we were to sell you leads that are also going to your competitors – we have become your competitor.

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[Case Study] Culinary Institute – Performance Improvement

Institute Adds $1,000,000 in Enrollment Revenue Thanks to Enrollment Resources’ Systematic Approach to Performance Improvement

“From start to finish we worked your program and it’s wonderful – and I’m not just saying that. Without a strong Admissions process, there is no College. You helped me build the Admissions department. I couldn’t have done it without you. We went step-by-step, even with our advertising. 100% I put your recommendations in place and we’re just building on it now. I can’t say enough. I’m your biggest fan.” – Sarah Masters, Director of Admissions

Due to the clients’ request for privacy, the names and location have been changed.

The client was a well-established school of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts with multiple campuses throughout the Western United States. According to Sarah Masters, Admissions Director, “we were succeeding, in a way, but we weren’t growing. We were just sort of staying the same.”

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