Factor Demographics into Your Planning

City College enrollment levels dropped 26%, school critics were miffed, citing San Francisco’s population increase. The critics don’t understand Demographics.

Millennials (19-35 years old) are the traditional Community College target and a huge cohort. Gen Z (<19 years old) are about 2/3 the size of millennials. Point being is this: Community Colleges historically go after the <19-year-old market.

No wonder enrollment numbers are falling at Community Colleges.


Factor Demographics into all of your planning.

Marketing now controls two-thirds of the admissions process

Female student at computerToday, prospective students do most of their research about their EDU buying decision away from the school. When an Admissions Advisor connects with a student, they are about 2/3 along the buying funnel.

Enrollment Management Tip:

Focus your copywriter/ad agency to up their game. Promotional material should answer only one question: “Why should someone put their life in your hands?”

Is Your Marketing Information Selfish or Empathetic?

Is your marketing information selfish or empathetic?

Is your promotional information written in selfish ‘feature language’? Consumers are like selfish six-year-old kids and hate reading other people’s selfish language. It’s all about what’s in it for the consumer when parting with their dollars.


Write in benefit language, become an empathetic organization.

New Study: Increased Pressure on Higher Ed Admissions Teams

Non-profits and for-profits actively compete for qualified students, but inadequate admissions processes still undermine enrollment efforts.Velocify Survey

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Velocify, the market leader in cloud-based intelligent enrollment management software, and Enrollment Resources, today published the results of a two-part secret shopper study on responsiveness to student inquiries called, “Comparing Inquiry Response Strategies at Non-Profit and For-Profit Higher Education Institutions.” The study revealed some surprising findings; most notably that non-profit higher education institutions outperform their for-profit counterparts on some key inquiry response benchmarks. However, both non-profit and for-profit schools underperformed on other important factors, thereby frustrating prospective students and limiting their enrollment potential.

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