Scott Spitolnick joins Enrollment Resources as VP, Admissions Systems

Scott SpitolnickEnrollment Resources is pleased to announce that Scott Spitolnick has joined our team effective immediately. Scott has over 30 years’ experience in Career Education Enrollment Management. Working successfully in several roles on the school and vendor side, Scott has managed lead generation campaigns, PR/branding campaigns, call centers, as well as both strategic and tactical admissions management. Enrollment Resources’ mission statement is to simply “pursue the truth.” Scott also holds the same core values.

In his role as VP, Admissions Systems, Scott will be working with Career Schools to adopt our Virtual Adviser Suite of Software. Virtual Adviser, when put to use, significantly increases revenues for Career Schools without them having to buy advertising, hire staff or engage with sales trainers.  Read more

Admissions Reps: Is It Better to Hire From Within or Recruit from Another School?

Have you ever struggled with how to best recruit for Admissions roles? Two schools of thought debate whether it is better to hire from within your organization or recruit from another school. Inevitably, both have their benefits and downfalls.

We put this question out there to the top EDU related LinkedIn groups and received overwhelming responses from several knowledgeable EDU leaders. Opinions seem split down the middle, but there appears to be a common theme that good listening skills and a great nurturing attitude can often trump sales skills.


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Release: Enrollment Resources VIATeC Employer of the Year Finalist

Some of the Enrollment Resources crew at the VIATeC Awards

We are very proud to have been nominated and selected as a finalist for the Employer of the Year award at the 2014 VIATeC Technology Awards. These awards recognize accomplishments of local technology oriented businesses in the city of Victoria, BC.

Victoria is a wonderful city to live in and we have such a vibrant technology sector which has produced some truly amazing and innovative products/services. Many of our clients are outside of Victoria, throughout Canada, the United States and beyond; it was heartwarming to be recognized for our commitment to our employees by our own community here at home.

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Would You Spy on Your Admissions Staff?

When I was a young boy I was in Cub Scouts, the precursor to Boy Scouts. One session we made homemade periscopes, manufactured from cardboard boxes and a couple small rectangular mirrors. The periscopes were painted inside and out in flat black paint. I was now in possession of a three foot long instrument of stealth. A flat black spying machine just like the sub commanders used in the movie Das Boot.

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Podcast #7: Panel Discussion on Disruptors in Higher Education

On June 7th, 2012 Gregg Meiklejohn of Enrollment Resources moderated a Panel Discussion of Private Post-Secondary leaders to explore Disruptors in Higher Education and what top performing schools are doing to adapt.

Panelists on the call included:

  • Shane Sparks, Co-Founder Enrollment Resources
  • Martin Lind, Education Vertical Manager with Leads 360, Inc.
  • Ryan Busch, Publisher at Today’s Campus Magazine
  • Fred Carini, VP of Admissions & Marketing at Milan Institute

The discussion covers topics like the general contraction of Government supported student loan funding, the elimination of incentive compensation for Admissions reps, attempts by governments to prop public education,online PPC marketing trends and more.