Reach Within Grasp

by Shane Sparks, Co-founder

We have a management philosophy that my very bright business partner Gregg came up with, called “Reach within Grasp”. It means we ask ourselves, if we take on a project, can we finish it? It seems like a obvious question but I’m constantly surprised, both at my self and with clients, how many projects get started that can’t be reasonably finished. Read more

Inside the Bottle

by Shane Sparks, Co-Founder

I had a typical sales call yesterday: The prospect began the conversation focused on a specific solution they had in mind. “We need more (fill in the blank),” he began.

I listened patiently for a few minutes and asked some pointed questions. And then quickly determined that they had many problems (or opportunities for you optimists), but the one he was focused on was not one of them. It was a minor issue, and of marginal value to fix. Once I was able to get him focused on the bigger picture, and the bigger opportunities he felt a mixture of relief and appreciation that I could provide some leadership. Read more