LeadsCon Conference Overview

I recently attended LeadsCon 2013, the annual Lead Generation Conference, held March 18-21 in Las Vegas. Exhibitors were mostly Lead Sellers and Aggregators, followed by Internet efficiency tools and call centers, with four additional vendors selling compliance services. The talks were vague with speakers giving tons of self-promotion rather than content.  I was generally underwhelmed.

Tightening rules coming this October made its mention a number of times with no real solutions being offered in the conference.  What I also found really interesting was the apparent disconnect between the lead sellers and lead buyers. When I interviewed lead buyers, they were, to me, not having fun. There was an attitude of reluctance. “I‘m here under protest, I wish I had other options”, that kind of thing. At Enrollment Resources, we can offer that other option.

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Why Folks Do Not Like Sales People

It’s interesting to me how many of us are addicted to buying stuff; love it, enjoy it, plan for it, celebrate and brag about the goods and services we buy. Yet, in the same breath, so many of us hold the sales person in such disdain.  Great sales people are necessary for the success of your business and mine.

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