[Podcast ] Seven Low Cost Tips To Increase Your Next Intake

Did you meet your January targets? How are you planning on meeting them?

Adding in those last few students to an intake can turn underwhelming intake numbers into full enrollment.

In this short, yet packed webinar, Enrollment Resources co-founders Gregg Meiklejohn and Shane Sparks shared seven simple process improvements you can implement immediately at little or no cost. Terry Zaleski of also said a few words explaining Why State Associations are Important to the Success of Your School.

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What I Learned About NOT Playing Professional Hockey

I was asked to give a process improvement talk at a conference. When I give these talks, I usually give the person doing the introducing a pre written introduction. I’d learned that a good intro sets up a great talk, engages participants, etc. This time I forgot to do my intro. As per standard conference protocol, this chap, whom I know casually, got up and said, “This is Gregg Meiklejohn, he’s Canadian and he used to play Pro Hockey. Ladies and Gentlemen, Gregg Meiklejohn!”

My mind is whirring; “What the heck did that guy just say?!?? I’ve never played a day of pro hockey in my life!” He’s smirking as he’s walking away. I have no choice but to roll with it. I try and jump into the fray to deliver a good process improvement talk, but the intro rattled my chains. I gave a self-admitted mediocre talk to tepid applause. The first question at the end was “How does pro hockey have anything to do with Admissions and Marketing in EDU?” And it got worse… After the talk a friend came up and said, “Dude, that was an underwhelming talk…by the way, where’d you play hockey?” Read more

Enrollment Resources Inc. Appoints Enrollment Strategy Leader

Lisa Olmedo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Victoria, BC – Enrollment Resources announced today that Lisa Olmedo has joined the firm to help further develop their growing portfolio of Higher Education Clientele. Ms. Olmedo comes with a wealth of experience within the Higher Education Enrollment Management field, having spent the last 10 years working in instrumental leadership roles for a significant Ad Agency. Prior to that, Lisa developed skills and expertise in Admissions and Admissions Management. She has volunteered at the EDU association level, participating on a number of key committees and is a sought-after workshop leader throughout the U.S. Read more

Release: Enrollment Resources VIATeC Employer of the Year Finalist

Some of the Enrollment Resources crew at the VIATeC Awards

We are very proud to have been nominated and selected as a finalist for the Employer of the Year award at the 2014 VIATeC Technology Awards. These awards recognize accomplishments of local technology oriented businesses in the city of Victoria, BC.

Victoria is a wonderful city to live in and we have such a vibrant technology sector which has produced some truly amazing and innovative products/services. Many of our clients are outside of Victoria, throughout Canada, the United States and beyond; it was heartwarming to be recognized for our commitment to our employees by our own community here at home.

Read more