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Podcast #52: How To Set Up Effective Remote Admissions Fast

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources

Learn how to organize a quality Remote Admissions Program for your school — and get it off the ground immediately and effectively — in this edited recording of our popular April webinar.

Read the transcript here.

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Podcast #50: Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment Resources - Strategies To Get The Regulators Off Your Back

Our presenters in this episode are Gregg Meiklejohn, Shane Sparks, Tom King of Enrollment Resources, and JP Smith, President of Celsius Marketing | Interactive. The panel explores one interesting strategy that will get the various regulators off your back and have employers wanting to hire your grads. The question you must always ask is, “How can I get my School to world-class like Tesla is to cars and Apple is to smartphones?

Takeaways include:

  • Why, as EDU leaders, we must continuously stay in the question, “How do I make my School world-class” like Tesla is to electric cars or Apple is to smartphones?
  • Some key operational elements that will help your School become world-class.
  • Is a world-class EDU “product” simply teachers and curriculum, or is there so much more? Listen to this debate.
  • As you move toward becoming a world-class school, how do you avoid back-sliding?

Transcript available here.

Podcast #48: How To Optimize Enrollment Revenue With Lean Management

In this episode, Gregg, Shane and Tom show you how to use Lean Management to grow your school while on a fixed budget. 

Listen to episode #48 of The Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast to learn how to use (and develop your own) no- and low-cost best practices inspired by seemingly unrelated industries like…

  • House renovations
  • Manufacturing
  • Radio
  • Clinical psychology
  • Car dealerships and the automotive industry
  • Magazines
  • Lab testing
  • Direct mail
  • Newspapers

This podcast is ideal for schools on a fixed budget that also needs to grow!

Transcript available here.

Podcast #47: Test Your Way Into Impressive Conversion Breakthroughs In Your Enrollment Management Process

Did you know that there are 200+ potential engagement points within your school’s enrollment management process?

  • Your website
  • Your phone messaging
  • Your sales letters
  • Your admission procedures…

Just to name a few.

Listen to episode #47 of The Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast to learn…

  • Small process improvements that you can use immediately to improve revenues within your school without having to buy advertising or hire people
  • The one test that will immediately improve and heighten the persuasion of all your headlines, sales propositions and other messaging
  • How to capture the benefits of lean management at your school

Take the first steps toward small changes that will have a substantial and lasting impact at your school.

Transcript available here.

Podcast #46: How 1% Improvements Can Translate Into Millions Of Dollars

It’s shocking how little effort it actually takes to be more successful than your competition. In this episode, Gregg, Shane, and Tom of Enrollment Resources are joined by special guest Brian Willett to show you how your school can catapult over your rivals through strategic and compounding one percent improvements!

Takeaways include:

  • The unfortunate reason why second best is actually the first loser
  • How to start making 1% improvements by rethinking the habits you take for granted
  • The specific, easy and immediate ways your school can make 1% improvements to increase your conversion rates TODAY

Take the first steps toward small changes that will have a substantial and lasting impact at your school. Listen now!

Transcript available here.

Podcast #45: The Anatomy Of A Rockstar DOA

The role of an Admissions Director is not to grow sales, but to grow their people! Click play now to learn the 10 essential things every DOA needs to successfully build a dynamic Admissions team while also driving revenue and team development. Read more

Podcast #44: Enrollment During High Employment Conditions

Your pool of leads could be shrinking, and fast. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States unemployment was just 3.9% in April. If your marketing is focused on people looking for work, then you need to take another look at today’s education market.

In this episode, the Enrollment Resources Panel explores alternative ways to fill your Career School’s lead funnel when it seems like everyone already has a job. Click to listen to Enrollment During High Employment Conditions: How to adapt to today’s education market. Read more