Webinar: 7 Easy Ways To Achieve Impressive Conversion Breakthroughs In Your Enrollment Management Process Through Testing

Gregg Meiklejohn, Shane Sparks and Tom King will explore how you can easily achieve impressive conversion breakthroughs in your enrollment management process through testing.

You’ll learn:

  • How executing simple split tests at your school can achieve impressive conversion breakthroughs
  • Why the 1% improvements created by split testing are big wins for your school
  • Why you should claim your place as your school’s Chief Testing Professional (CTP)
  • Seven more easy split tests to add to your portfolio!***

There are 200+ potential engagement points within your enrollment management process: your website, phone messaging, sales letters, admission procedures, and student retention communication, to name a few.

Each one can be tested and improved through a process known as split testing. At Enrollment Resources, we believe split testing is the only tactic a school can use to increase revenues and protect operating budgets consistently.

Register today to learn how to capture the benefits of split testing for your school!

*** Read the companion article to this webinar, Job Security Through a Culture of Testing, to learn eight split tests you can implement immediately at your school to optimize revenues and profits, and in turn create conversion rate breakthroughs.

Webinar: How to write Compliant Copy That Converts

On December 19th at 11 am PST/2 pm EST, Jennifer Flood of National Compliance Group is joining the experts from Enrollment Resources for the final webinar of 2018!

Register today to learn how to write website and landing page copy that converts visitors to leads while meeting the compliance requirements for your schools’ regulators.

Is Your Website Design Getting In the Way?

Discover Lost Revenue by Shifting How You Communicate Your Business Online

A common misconception about website optimization is that graphic design and “cool features” will drive the best returns.  Designers will focus on “brand integrity” with slick images and fonts creating a beautiful presentation of your business online. Clearly, you want your best foot forward as this is your opportunity to make a first impression online. However, you can get lost focusing on the design and lose sight of what the user of your site is looking for – INFORMATION.

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