Presidential Plan to Partner with Community Colleges

President Obama has proposed an $8 billion College to Careers transition program. I’m assuming Community Colleges by definition are the State Funded publicly owned institutions. Assuming this is correct, then I’m sorry but I’m not feeling much Valentine’s love regarding this announcement.

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Implications of the coming DOE Regulation

As you know, the new federal DOE regulation norms are coming into effect on July 1, 2011. We’ve been working hard to make sense of the them and make sure we are compliant in our work for you.

Through this, three things are coming clear that bear some thought, that I feel compelled to share:

  1. Incentive compensation rule is likely to produce an exodus of quality admissions staff from the industry
  2. Lead flow is likely to contract as a result of the new rules governing misrepresentation
  3. Schools without admissions compliance strategies are at greater risk for Accreditation consequences Read more