[Podcast] 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 3

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment ResourcesPart three of “24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process” explores how to build a culture that obsesses about a positive first impression. Our panelists provide valuable, actionable tips that will help your school create a great first impression. 

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[Podcast] 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 2

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment ResourcesIn part two of our World-Class Enrollment series, our panelists dive into the details of how to generate leads by capturing interest and creating buzz. It all begins with attracting those quality students that will find their fit with your school’s program. Doing so stems from thought-starters you’ll hear more about in the podcast.

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[Podcast] 24 Tips on How to Create a World-Class Enrollment Process – Part 1

Enrollment Management Round Table with Enrollment ResourcesIn this first episode of our World-Class Enrollment series, Shane Sparks, Gregg Meiklejohn and Tom King of Enrollment Resources and Velocify EDU leader Steve Davis introduce and give an overview of the seven habits needed to create a World-Class Enrollment Process:

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Enrollment Management Minute: Improving Revenues

At Enrollment Resources, we’ve found schools often try to improve their revenues by doing the following three tactics, all of which are strategically counterproductive:

  1. Adding program offerings, even if they are marginal in terms of viability
  2. Hiring more recruiters
  3. Searching for more pools of traffic that can be potentially converted into something

Tiny tweaks can make a big difference

Most schools can improve revenues in the 20-30% range without incurring costs by identifying the intersection points within their enrollment management process and making minor process-improvement tweaks.

Reference Book: The Goal. Reference material: Enrollment Resources blog.

Will ACICS be disbanded?

ACICS is getting hassled, buckle up.

Thirteen US Attorney Generals are asking to disband ACICS. My prediction: human nature being what it is site visits will become more intense because regulators don’t need Attorney Generals hassling them.

Put in the extra effort right now to ensure that your education, financial aid and, in particular, career service processes are top flight, just in case your site visit regulator is extra-vigilant. Pay specific attention to career services outcomes as they relate to admissions.

The first major innovation in admissions – Details and Demo. Thursday, June 30th

Quick Read:

  • Guarantee a best-practice, compliant, interview every time
  • Add 3 extra enrollments per month/per rep
  • 41% lift in interview to enrollment
  • Short demo on game-changing software with Q&A
  • Thursday, June 30th 11am PST

Admissions people go “off book” all the time for lots of reasons. They get bored and start to cut corners, figure they’ve mastered the admissions presentation and feel they no longer need to ask the foundational questions that create a true connection with a prospective student. Some reps think they know better than their managers on what works and, as a result, conversion rates often erode and non-compliant behavior creeps into the interview process.

The Admissions Interview Pathway systematically guides prospects through a best-practice, compliant, interview, every time. The result is an average 41% improvement in interview-to-enrollment rates.

In this demo you will learn:

  • How interview compliance increases enrollments
  • Why a standardized system increases compliance
  • What steps are needed to follow industry best practices
  • Why a standardized system makes the interview a true value-added experience for the prospective student

This will be quite eye-opening. Join Shane Sparks, Co-Founder & COO and Lisa Olmedo, Vice President, Enrollment Strategies this Thursday, June 30th at 11am Pacific Time by clicking here:

Virtual Admissions Adviser Increases Conversion Rates 107%

The Education Sector’s First Automated Admissions Software Takes Engagement to the Next Level – Virtual Admissions Adviser 3.0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 14, 2015 – Victoria, BC: Enrollment Resources is pleased to announce the launch the Virtual Admissions Adviser v3.

The Virtual Admissions Adviser is a web-based admissions automation software that helps marketing and admissions teams engage prospects throughout the admissions funnel automatically. Using a best-practice “counselor sales” admissions modality, Virtual Admissions Adviser automates a world-class admission experience for key parts of the admissions funnel. It’s like having an all-star admissions rep that never sleeps. Read more


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